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CHARM Vol.15

CHARM Vol.15
OPEN 20:00〜 ¥1000/1D



“CHARM” is a party held on the second Thursday of each month at long-established small club “BALL”, which is located on the 4th floor of Kuretake Building, in Udagawa-cho, Shibuya.
Originally it was a party hosted by DJ HAYATO, but due to the suspension of his DJ activities, in charge of organizing this second Thursday was handed over to MRMYX. The name “CHARM” is the same as before.
The residents are MRMYX and Hanami Kanayama.
Two guest DJs are invited every time and held.
As well as two resident DJs, also about guest DJs, they are high class every time, so you can spend time with good tunes and playing that you can’t think it”s Thursday.
“BALL”‘s structure has a bar floor and a dance floor side by side, so you can enjoy conversation while listening to the sound on the bar counter, or you can listen the sound on the dance floor where a small but high-quality sound system is installed. Because there is one floor, that also you can overlook the flow of one night is the goodness of a small club.
You can enjoy tunes that DJs want to play just because at a small club, electronic sounds, light dance music and delicious liquor from weekdays midnight at a low price of 1000 yen for a first drink.
Keeping the axis of “good music”, “good encounter” and “fun party” but change color every time, please visit this “CHARM” by all means.




For Foreign Customer

Entrance Fee ¥0
You have to order at least
one drink per guest.

1st Drink = ¥1000
less than ¥600 on drink menu


2月 13日
Event Categories:
4F KuretakeBLD 4-9 Udagawa-Cho
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3476-6533